Transport roll-cages

No need for dedicated cold vehicles.

N0 external energy source required during transportation.

QCF-370 Technical Specifications

• It’s a PCM or Dry-ice powered active Chill/freezer roll-cage
• Active temperature control with advanced insulation technology (low OPEX) • Integrated temperature monitoring & GPS positioning logger→
real-time data transferring through 3G network
• Easy to swap battery
• Durable stainless steel body

• External dimension 600 x
• Internal dimension: 480 x 650 x 1210mm – 378litres
• Net weight 90kg
• PCM-cooling & Dry-ice
• “Glide in and pull out” rechargeable battery (14Ah) • 3G modem
• Maximum operation time +48h
• Temperature range -20℃-+12℃
• Temperature display
• Possibility for custom exterior design



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