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Solution & products

Vakava's solution will hold its contents in chilled temperature (+2-8C) or frozen (below -18C) for 14-60 hours, depending on the Cool Unit. The Track & Trace application is used to monitor and verify the temperature of the content at all times during transportation.
Vakava's solution consists of the Cool Unit, cooling elements and Track & Trace application.
The cooling elements in Vakava’s solution consist of PCM “Phase Change Material”, which is a substance designed to hold and release large amounts of energy in the process of turning from solid material into liquid. In Vakava’s solution, the cooling elements are designed to perfectly fit the Cool Units and to release a correct amount of energy to ensure the cooling effect at all times.
Vakava’s Cool Units come in four different sizes, the sizes vary from a 17 L carry-on unit to 443 L pallet size unit.
The uptime of the Cool Units varies between 14h and 60h. The verified uptime has been tested by opening the Cool Unit every 30 min, which would be equivalent to how often a vehicle needs to stop, for example, for grocery home deliveries. If the Cool Unit is not opened at all during use, the uptime is longer.
Vakava’s solution does not require any external power while in use / transit. However, the cooling elements require pre-cooling before use and at that time power is needed.
The Cool Unit can be used for transporting and storing (chilled and frozen) foodstuff or medical products. It can also be used as a storage for chilled or frozen products where electricity is not available.
Vakava’s Cool Units can be transported in any type of vehicle from a passenger car to an airplane. The Cool Units do not require any special vehicle or even an external power source during transportation. Vakava’s solution enables you to combine both chilled and frozen products in a delivery with optimizing the space for each.
Vakava’s Cool Unit includes various layers of insulation and has a specially designed air circulation. It also has an aluminum surface on the inside, which makes it easy to keep clean. The Cool Unit is not made of styrofoam like regular coolers, it is made of EPP material, which is more durable.
Vakava’s solution does not require an external power source while in transit (or storage use). That is why the transport vehicle does not need to be running while stopped for delivery or loading, which will lead to lower emissions. Also, it enables you to transport frozen, chilled and ambient goods in one delivery.
Vakava’s solution does not require anything special from a vehicle, it can be transported in a vehicle from a regular passenger car to an airplane.

Track & trace

Track & Trace is an application that enables you to monitor a Cool Unit while it is in transit, to verify the correct temperature at all times. The data is also stored in the cloud and is accessible later. Track & trace proves that a cold chain is unbreakable and the goods arrive in perfect quality.
Track & trace is used with Vakava’s own cell phone application, which is available for free for devices using Android or iOS -platform. You will receive your own dedicated login details after purchasing a Cool Unit.
You will need a smart phone, Vakava’s application from the app store, and login details that enable you to see your Cool Units.
The login details will be sent to you after purchasing a Cool Unit. Vakava’s technical support team will make sure the login details are available to you when Cool Units are delivered.

Vakava as a company

Vakava was established in 2015 in Finland and operations started in 2016.
Vakava has two locations; head office in Espoo, Finland and subsidiary Vakava Africa Ltd in Nairobi, Kenya.
Vakava’s mission is to provide an unbreakable and transparent cold chain from first mile to last mile, globally in cold chain logistics. We aim to bring value and improve the business opportunities of our customers by guaranteeing an unbreakable cold chain with our innovative, sustainable technology.

Production & delivery

Vakava’s Cool Units are manufactured at the partner’s facilities in Salo, Finland. Components for production are delivered from other parts of the country and abroad.
Customers have the possibility to pick up their order from Salo, Finland or use their preferred logistics provider for delivery. Vakava is also happy to arrange the delivery at the request of the customer.
Of course! Vakava will provide the needed shipping documents and will help with arranging the logistics. Vakava also serves as a link between the logistics provider and the customer in order to ensure a smooth delivery process.
Unfortunately, at the moment Vakava does not sell to consumers directly.


The standard payment period is 14 days from order delivery.
An invoice will be sent when the order is picked up for delivery from the manufacturing facilities.
Invoice inquiries should be sent to [email protected]. You can reach us Mon-Fri from 9am to 4pm.

Customer service

You can reach us via e-mail at inf[email protected], or by phone +358 45 117 6950, Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm.
Technical support is happy to help you Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm: Ari Koistinen, [email protected], +358 45 651 6990
Vakava’s customer service coordinator is happy to help you with any questions: Kaisa Avolahti, [email protected], +358 45 117 6950