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Tech Embedded

Tech Embedded is a private owned company founded in 2019 headquartered in Harare the capital of Zimbabwe. The company is bringing breakthrough technologies to Southern African region mainly with current operational linkages in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The organization seeks to help private
owned companies and governments both local, central and non-governmental organisations through offering environmentally friendly smart technologies that are sustainable to operate.

Our mission is to provide environmentally friendly alternative solutions to the African market. Huge losses are incurred by corporates as a result of poor management of warm temperature hence our partnership with Vakava Technologies to provide environmentally sustainable smart cooler boxes for effective cold chain management for NGOs, government departments and private entities.
Web page : www.tech-embedded.com email : [email protected]

Frontiex FZ LLC

Frontiex FZ LLC is founded in 2018 and based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is owned and managed by professionals with decades of experience in developing countries, post-conflict and crises areas and humanitarian operations. Frontiex’s focus is in supporting International Organisations, NGO’s, UN Agencies, Crises Management and Peacekeeping Missions, Governments, Humanitarian and Relief Operations, as well as commercial companies operating in challenging environments. The company provides quality supplies, logistics support and consultancy services, representing selected manufacturers. 

Frontiex has a permanent presence in the Middle East and Africa. Also, Frontiex is actively operating in South Asia, the Balkans and Eastern Europe. The company provides, and represents, carefully selected products and manufacturers who offer innovative, durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Vakava Technologies and Frontiex have a long-term business relationship, and Frontiex has had the pleasure to contribute to the development of Vakava products to make them to meet field requirements.

Web page: www.frontiex.com Email: or [email protected] or [email protected].

Mobile/Whatsapp: +971 58 5882461, +971 52 6461793