Summer 2021 – Community support

Vakava supporting the community

During summer 2021, Vakava has been supporting Lappohjan Jätskäri. It is a small ice cream sales cart that circles around at the Lappohja beach during hot summer days, selling ice cream to the beach goers.  

Ice cream cart has been very popular amongst beach goers, a very welcome surprise in the hot weather. 

Vakava Technologies is supporting the local community by giving a Cool Unit to be used for the entire summer season. With Vakava Cool Unit, customers can be sure that the ice cream has been stored in the correct temperature and is ready to be enjoyed!

Lappohjan Jätskäri is also supported by the local food market that is helping with ice cream stock.

To find Vakava’s Cool Unit in use, please sure to visit Lappohja Beach in Western Finland.

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