controlled cold chain solutions
for temperature sensitive products,
with zero emissions.
With our technology, you can create a cold chain with near ZERO EMISSIONS. No external power source needed.
Tracking included in all products!
We have several patented solutions and we aim to push boundaries in the cold chain industry with our sustainable innovations.

Vakava's Mission

Vakava’s mission is to provide an unbreakable and transparent cold chain from first mile to last mile, globally in cold chain logistics.

We aim to bring value and improve the business opportunities of our customers by guaranteeing an unbreakable cold chain with our innovative, sustainable technology.

Temperature ranges are from +8°C to -23°C. Track & trace included in all products!

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Vakava has two product lines;
1.Food delivery & storage (Cool Unit)
2. Medical delivery & storage (Medical Unit)

We will help you select the correct product line and size of the unit!
With Vakava Cool Units, you can use a vehicle of any shape and size. Vakava Cool Units can be transported on any vehicle from an airplane to motor bike. No external power source is needed!
Vakava Cool Units use special PCM cooling with custom insulation and air circulation methods. They are equipped with temperature sensors and embedded with GSM or Bluetooth trackers that enable you to receive data in real-time. Cool Units can be opened and closed multiple times during transit, while holding stable temperature at all times.
Vakava Cool Units are equipped with an IoT system that enables you to receive data in real time in regards to temperature and location of your unit(s). The data is stored in cloud and can be made accessible to any stakeholder in the cold chain. You can use Vakava mobile phone application to access the information anywhere.

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    Our technology provides a cost effective solution with near ZERO EMISSIONS, no external power source, and with guaranteed stable temperature to the last mile.


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