Our mission is to provide an unbreakable cold chain from first mile to last mile, globally. Our licensed technology provides excellence in quality, and the full transparency of transportation in an affordable and ecological way.

Our technology enables agricultural products or medical supplies to be delivered in correct temperature without any external power source. We can provide transparent and meaningful information to all stakeholders involved in the supply chain via smart cloud solutions and tracking system.

Our solution enables nutrition and vaccines to be sent safely to developing countries. Our goal is to bring value and improve the business opportunities of our partners by guaranteeing an unbreakable cold chain with our innovative technology. We want help local farmers, fishermen and logistic companies to succeed.

Endless uptime – easy cold

Our solution works with sensor technology and thermodynamic competence. Temperature range of payload is wide and tailored to fit the needs in between +8°C and -24°C. Operating time is up to 120 hours with one fill. The product is called QuickCold.

QuickCold cools the payload quickly. The required temperature is set and maintained by phase change reaction which we call cold energy. Cold energy is stored in dry ice batteries without external power source. Our cloud-based tracking systems ensures that the shipment can be followed and accurately located. The sensor technology allows the temperature to be monitored and kept stable up to 0.1 degree accuracy.

Our containers are light weighted. All materials are durable and the product is assembled from components. The sizes can vary from 10 liters to 2000 liters. Our flagship model QuickCold 640S carries over 600 liters and weighs only about 100 kg, including dry ice cartridges. Our patented technology can be customized for use in a third-party model. We call it ”The Lid”.

Vakava Technologies Ltd

Vakava Technologies Ltd was founded in 2015. The company is driven by a passionate team of professionals. We have a wide experience in the fields of cold chain, technology, sciences and project management. Our management team has some of the best professionals in their fields.

We in Vakava believe in teamwork. Together we will succeed. Let’s change the world one transportation at a time. Join us and we will make it happen!

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